IQF Vegetables


Product Description

TradeLink has over 20 years experience with frozen vegetables including shipping, storage, distribution and manufacturing.

We currently supply both conventional and organic frozen vegetales. See below for some of our range. These have been carefully selected and quickIy frozen in order to preserve their flavour and nutrients. Some of our vegetable specialties are peas in the pod and baby carrots..

1. Asparagus
2. Baby Corn
3. Peas in the pod
4. Bamboo Sprouts
5. Artichoke (hearts)
6. Large Broad Beans
7. Silverskin Onions
8. Portions of Finely Chopped Spinach

9. Spinach Leaves in Portions
10. Super Sweet Corn
11. Sliced Zucchini
12. Baby Carrots
13. Butter Beans

Product Variations


Organic Certified

Own Brand / Packaging on spec

List of Certifications Available on request

Organic (NOP & CERES)




Specifications / Packaging

Own brand packaging / special mixes

450gr bag

1kg bag

10kg bulk bag in box

What exactly does IQF mean?

IQF is an abbreviation of lndividually Quick Frozen. This means that from the moment that our vegetables are harvested and until they are frozen, many things take place. The production is classified and placed in categories so as to ensure that only the most tender and sweet vegetables are packed. Progress in IQF technology has made it possible to achieve quicker methods of freezing. Most vegetables, the sooner they are frozen, the better they maintain their texture and flavor.