IQF Raspberries

Frozen raspberries

Frozen Raspberries

Most of the Argentine raspberries are grown in Tucuman, Concordia and Corrientes and the Chilean raspberries are grown mostly grown in the Maule region.

South America provides good supply during the months of the year other global locations are out of their peak growing seasons.


Raspberry products available:

  • Conventional IQF Raspberries
  • Organic IQF Raspberries
  • Graded to specification
  • A Grade
  • Industry Grade

Certifications & Documentation


Global GAP




Standard Documentation:

Certificate of Origin

Third party quality control certificate / inspection report

Shipping documents (Commercial Invoice, Bills of lading, Packing list)

Phytosanitary Certificate

Tariff Codes, Duties and Import Info

Import information for Raspberries

Commodity Code: 2008999990 (source)

20 Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants
08 Fruit, nuts and other edible parts of plants, otherwise prepared or preserved, whether or not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter or spirit, not elsewhere specified or included
999990 Other

Import Duties for IQF Raspberries

Duties vary based on country of origin and importing country.

Chile > EU/UK: Duty Free (source)
Argentina > EU/UK: 18.4% (source)

Chile > USA: Duty Free (source)
Argentina > USA: Duty Free (source)

Customs in your country makes the final determination of what the correct rate of duty is for all products imported and you should consult a customs broker or professional to determine the up to date and applicable duties for this product in your country.


Packaging & Shipping

Raspberries Shipping Instructions

Risks: The main risk for IQF Raspberries is defrosting. For quality assurance we recommend a temperature data logger is used.

Packaging: 10kg bag in box, or boxes containing 4 bags of 2.5kg each.

Labelling: TradeLink can provide this product with personalized labels.

Shipping: Sea freight refer container.

Quantity per container:

  • 16.8 metric tonnes in 40ft container (palletized)

Sample Product Specifications

TradeLink specializes in supplying product to your specifications. Use our quote request tool at the bottom of this page to submit your particular requirements.

Country of Origin: South America or Europe

Appearance: Raspberries crumbled on small fruits during freezing and preparing. Loose fruits, without solid conglomerates, not icy, unsolid conglomerates admissible.

Ingredients – 100% Raspberry
Colour – Bright Red to Dark Red
Size – 2.5 – 5mm – 80%
Origin – England
Flavour/Odour – Full, characteristic, no off flavours
Texture – Substantial
Consistency – Frozen – Hard, crushy; Thawed; Weaker, with slight juice leak

Packaging: 10kg bag in box or 4 x 2.5kg, labelled with Packer, Product Description, Net weight, and Lot Number

Physical Characteristics
Unripe: 3
Overripe: 15
Solid Conglomerates: 10
With Illness Symptoms: 2

Anaerobic Plate Count <100000
Staph.aureus absent
Salmonella absent
Coliforms <1000
E.coli absent
Mould <1000
Yeasts <1000

Chemical Standard
Brix extract: 8
pH: 3.1
Fat content %(m/m): Not detected
NaCI content (% weight): Not detected
Water content <% (m/m): 87
General Acidity, % (m/m): Not detected

Metal Detection: 1.0mm Ferrous, 1.0mm Non Ferrous & 1.5mm Stainless Steel
Storage : at a temperature of -18°C or below
Shelf life : 24 months from production date.

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