Food Updates December 2021


 Our Message to You

As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your continued support and partnership through another unprecedented year! It has been a year for all of us where the spotlight shone brighter than ever on the importance of commitment and diligence.
But none of this would have been possible without you. Please click on the image below to hear our business message.

On behalf of the Tradelink Group, best wishes for the Holiday Season and for the New Year. We look forward to working together in 2022.

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What to Expect in Agriculture in 2022: Part 1

The Covid-19 impact on the global agriculture sector has been and is still a challenge in facing the industry in the coming years. Despite the challenges and uncertainty in the workforce, natural calamities, fertilizers, farm equipment, government policies, and volatile markets, agricultural producers are still hopeful for a promising industry in 2022.


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3)Peruvian Blueberries threatens US produce
Peruvian blueberries have been set as a target as it accounts for most of the dramatic increase in US’ blueberry imports in recent years. The South American country posted a CAGR of 174% in exports to the US during 2015-2019 and posted 69% YoY growth in 2019, causing a threat to the US’ domestic producers. …. Read more

4)WA harvest to be a record 22.1 million tonnes
WESTERN Australia’s bumper harvest continues to break records and is now estimated to be more than 22.1 million tonnes, worth up to an estimated $9 billion. With records being set for individual paddock averages, crop type averages and regional totals over most parts of WA…. Read more

5) A focus on products

Oats Market Report
In recent years, oats have had a remarkable increase in human consumption, as well as being popularly used as animal feed. Research shows that oats can lower the risks of cholesterol levels, coronary artery disease…  Read More…

Import and Export of Oats
In a report shared by the USDA, the export trade of oats globally has reached 2.328 million tons that significantly increased during the current season at 2.747 million tons.    Read More…

Ancient Grain Global Market
Ancient grain products have seen an increase in applications in bakeries and confectionaries, salads, sports nutrition, frozen food, cereals, and even infant formulas.  …   Read More…

What to Expect in Agriculture in 2022: Part 2

Agriculture Trends in 2022
Researchers and scientists are continuously studying technologies and offering advanced methodologies in the agriculture sector to meet the increasing demands of sustainability.

Sensor-based devices
From 2022 onwards, farmers will no longer monitor their fields the conventional way, which requires intense physical labor, additional equipment, and time. Sensor-based devices, like the Internet of things (IoT) Sensor Stations, are now introduced in the United States to automatically collect data and accurately present information through mobile applications.

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Trend-driven innovation opportunities for 2021: Episode 8


Virtual cooking classes are a blazing trend of 2021, which is partly related to the meal kit boom, as many chefs recorded short video tutorials on how to finish dishes at home, which developed into full-scale, live, paid-for cooking classes. Whether you are looking to make Japanese, Italian, Chinese or master authentic Indian food, there’s a class for every interest and level of expertise.

Chefs and cooking bloggers host scheduled or impromptu cooking classes on Instagram, a platform that allows followers to interact with the host in an informal setting. Scheduled classes generally come with a fee. In return, you can ask questions in a more intimate setting....Read More




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