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Who We Are
When we started providing high-quality farm produce for fellow New Zealand residents in the late ’70s, it was all about passion. We had this drive to provide solutions to a fast escalating problem with fresh and natural fruit and vegetables.

It’s been over 30 years of our existence so far, and we’re proud to say that much hasn’t changed, we are still the company providing clean solutions to food problems, just that now, we do it on a global scale.

Due to our customers ever increasing demand, we have evolved into participants in the global food chain supply. Our focus has grown beyond the New Zealand geographical area, and we’ve succeeded in spreading our tentacles all over this world, which has led to us gaining new experiences in growing, processing and shipping agricultural products globally.

These many years of experiences have entwined, forming the fiber of who we are today, a customer-focused team who have never lost the connection with the field, which, in our view, is where true quality all begins.

What We Do
We provide the finest natural and processed ingredients to reputable food manufacturers and retailers in demand for sustainable, ethical, and traceable food sources.

We have operational bases in Australia, Argentina, and seven other countries, where we team up with various local partners, to cultivate and process the supply of the highest standard farm supplies for our numerous food manufacturers.

Our understanding and connection with our farmers, coupled with on-site operation control, allows us to have close monitoring of every stage of our production process from cultivation to processing and even up to final delivery. Every stage adheres to the best standard practices.

Our products are processed in facilities with high levels of food safety, having BRC, GFSI, Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free, and Organic certificates, amongst many more.


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