Our Products & Brands

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Organic chia seeds in the wooden spoon - Salvia hispanica
Ancient Grains

Organic and Conventional Grains direct from Origin


Raw Organic Cacao grown in the Peruvian Mountains

Nuts and dried fruits mixed
Dried Fruit

Superfood Range from the Andes Mountains

Flour and Starches (3)
Flour and Starches

Finest Quality Flours from Certified Organic Mills

Frozen raspberry, blueberry, cranberry on grunge background. Frozen fruit. Top view, close up
Frozen Fruit

 Wild and Cultivated IQF Fruit and Vegetables 


 Sourced from the Northern Regions of Argentina

Cheese plate. Assortment of cheese with walnuts, bread an honey on stone slate plate.

Honey Produced on the wide flat plains of Argentina.

Asian fried rice with eggs

 Fulfilling the bulk demand of the finest quality Rice

About Us

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When we started providing high-quality farm produce for fellow New Zealand residents in the late ’70s, it was all about passion. We had this drive to provide solutions to a fast escalating problem with fresh and natural fruit and vegetables.

It’s been over 30 years of our existence so far, and we’re proud to say that much hasn’t changed, we are still the company providing clean solutions to food problems, just that now, we do it on a global scale.

Retail Solutions

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We can now provide full custom packaging services from our packaging facilities situated in Miami, along with NOP organic certifications for the USA. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we can supply high volume efficiencies, producing from small pouches for individual retail sales to food service and institutional custom packaging. 

We happily work with our clients to fulfill their needs, our facilities are allergen-free and produce products in the most sustainable and responsible of manner, so that our clients can feel good about reducing their environmental footprint while getting a top-notch product. We also continue to Strive for Sustainability.

Revealing the power of food can make the greatest difference to the lives of people and at Tradelink we strive to create products that are right for consumers. Our manufacturing facility is designed to ensure we prepare our products to the highest quality and safety standards. This includes preventing foreign bodies from entering products, enabling the management of allergens, and controlling pests.

With commitment and passion, we provide consumers and their families with products they recognize, love and trust. From product development, processing, and packing to quality assurance, we specialize in custom food manufacturing from Farm To Fork.

Certificates & Standards

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Non Organic

 Synthetic chemicals are used on the crop or product to boost its growth.

EU Organic

Providing a clear structure for the production of organic goods across the whole of the EU 


Setting the standard for optimizing packages that are survivable, sustainable, and successful.


Requiring food processors to follow to build an effective food safety management system.


Procedure by which a food safety-related scheme is compared to the GFSI Guidance Document


Protecting food from biologicalchemical and physical hazards during production


Standard aids for the creation of products that are safe, reliable, and of good quality.

Gluten Free

Food that is processed to remove gluten and use of ingredients with less than 20 ppm of gluten.

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Meaningful Environmental Policies

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As an agricultural and food company Tradelink International Corporation’s purpose is to feed the world responsibly. The whole food chain depends on an environment of clean water, soil, air and light. We are proud to maintain close relationships with many farmers worldwide, and are determined to help overcome these challenges by developing new agricultural models, protecting soil, empowering a new generation of farmers, and promoting animal welfare.

We believe that to be successful over the long-term we need to create value for our shareholders and for society as a whole. This means protecting the future by making the right choices in an environment where water is increasingly scarce, natural resources are constrained and biodiversity is declining.

Operational bases in

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Sustainable, ethical & traceable food sources

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We are a leading trade company proving solutions to supply problems manufacturers of various top-quality food produce face. We provide the finest organically cultivated and processed ingredients to reputable food manufacturers in demand for sustainable, ethical, and traceable food sources.

We have operational bases in Australia, Argentina, and seven other countries, where we team up with various local partners, to cultivate and process the supply of the highest standard farm supplies for our numerous food manufacturers.

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A company providing clean solutions to food problems on a global scale.

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