TradeLink International is a global supplier of specialist organic and conventional ingredients such as Kaniwa, Tapioca, gluten free flours, Chia, Quinoa, Teff and frozen fruit & vegetables.

At the core of TradeLink is over 30 years food handling experience including growing, processing, distribution, storage, importing and exporting. These experiences have entwined, forming the fibre of who we are today, positioning us as a solution driven team.  We’ve done it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

Organic Seeds & Grains

Quality USDA and CERES certified products.

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Gluten Free

Leaders in Certified Gluten Free Ingredients

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Specialists in a wide range of Quinoa Products from South America.

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New Season Chia from South America

Check out these first chia plants coming out in the Galpón area south of Salta city, Argentina, taken last week. Looks like this year is going to be a decent crop, with more conventional than organic like usual. Furthur north the crop is a little slower, but still coming on good. Stay connected with us […]

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Launching Brazil nuts!

Brazil Nuts are native to South America and are found in the Amazon rain forest. Our suppliers (local cooperatives) collect Brazil Nuts within the Amazon region of Beni and Pando during the period known as harvest, which begins in the month of November of each year and lasts approximately 8 months. Brazil nuts are rich and […]

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Anuga Food Fair 2017

October gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of great companies at Germanys Anuga Food Fair!! With more than 7,400 companies from 107 countries, Anuga presented products from all over the world and all categories. Over the course of 3 fully-packed trade fair days, we’ve managed to have many encounters with growers and customers, which […]

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Organic Tapioca Starch

Organic Tapioca Starch in tote bags from Vietnam.  Like usual, TradeLinks eyes and ears where there making sure all went according to plan.

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Our first retail outlet… many years ago

Built to last: we’ve been getting our fingers dirty for generations now. Here is the building that was became our first shop selling fresh veg grown on our own farms many years ago. A reminder of the heritage we have to carry forward to many future generations.

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Proposition 65 addition of Glyphosate and food products from Argentina

Our initial reaction: It’s not as bad as it sounds (but it’s confusing)… Glyphosate and Prop 65 Glyphosate was added to California’s Proposition 65 list in July 2017, meaning that as of July 2018 any food product which contains a greater amount of Glyphosate residue than the established “No Significant Risk Level” must have a […]

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chia seed loading

Templiners protecting Chia

The templiner is designed to stabilize the temperature in sea freight containers and protect the product from large swings in temperature that can cause condensation in the container.  Here a container lined and ready for a load of Chia Seed.

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Chia Seed Drying in the Sun

Chia Seed drying in the sun

Recently harvested chia seed drying in the sun prior to cleaning, processing and packing.  This is required for some batches of chia seed that come in from the farm with high humidity – often an issue with organic product – conventional products are often dried on the field using chemicals.

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Organic Chia

Getting our boots dirty on the ground at organic chia seed farms this week – the final checkup before harvest – very impressed by what we saw.

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Weekly Order Reports

Shipping stuff to the opposite side of the world usually means transit times of 30-40 days so we feel it’s vital to keep customers updated and we do that with visual reports for each order on the water, sent every Friday.

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New Order Updates!

With international trade, from the time you place your order until the time the product enters your warehouse several weeks can pass, with shipping times along being at least 4 weeks. To help our customers keep tabs on where there order is at, we provide a weekly update with a visual diagram of your orders […]

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