TradeLink International | South American supplier of Ancient Grains, including puffed grains, flours and organic.


TradeLink International is a global supplier of specialist organic and conventional ingredients such as Kaniwa, Tapioca, gluten free flours, Chia, Quinoa, Teff and frozen fruit & vegetables.

At the core of TradeLink is over 30 years food handling experience including growing, processing, distribution, storage, importing and exporting. These experiences have entwined, forming the fibre of who we are today, positioning us as a solution driven team.  We’ve done it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

Organic Seeds & Grains

Quality USDA and CERES certified products.

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Gluten Free

Leaders in Certified Gluten Free Ingredients

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Specialists in a wide range of Quinoa Products from South America.

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Launching! Sweet Potato Powder
Launching! Sweet Potato PowderDehydrated Sweet Potato is prepared from freshly harvested mature sweet potatoes
Dehydrated Sweet Potato is prepared from freshly harvested mature sweet potatoes which have been washed, trimmed, blanched, dried, milled, and finish processed. It is high in fiber and contains a higher level of carbohydrates...
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News and quick updates

Organic Chia

Getting our boots dirty on the ground at organic chia seed farms this week – the final checkup before harvest – very impressed by what we saw.

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Weekly Order Reports

Shipping stuff to the opposite side of the world usually means transit times of 30-40 days so we feel it’s vital to keep customers updated and we do that with visual reports for each order on the water, sent every Friday.

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New Order Updates!

With international trade, from the time you place your order until the time the product enters your warehouse several weeks can pass, with shipping times along being at least 4 weeks. To help our customers keep tabs on where there order is at, we provide a weekly update with a visual diagram of your orders […]

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Suppliers that take pride in what they do

I love it when a supplier takes a small extra step to improve the presentation of their products – in this case, Vietnam, using compressed air to remove tapioca starch dust from bags before loading.

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Maesrk Hacked

The repercussions of this is huge – they can’t take new bookings at the moment. Maersk says global IT breakdown caused by cyber attack COPENHAGEN Shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk (MAERSKb.CO), which handles one out of seven containers shipped globally, said the Petya cyber attack had caused outages at its computer systems across the world on […]

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Guide for Good Quality Chia Seed

Guide for Good Quality Chia Seed As chia becomes more popular, it may be daunting for the first time buyer to know whether the chia they have been offered is of the quality they expect. This guide is intended for B2B bulk buyers or importers of Chia seed rather than consumers. Sellers of chia will […]

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Place of loading: QA Risk if not managed

The consolidation or loading of food products into the sea freight containers doesn’t always happen at the place the product was processed. If a production plant or warehouse isn’t approved by customs in Argentina they will need to ship the product by truck to a customs approved warehouse, where consolidation can take place. This may […]

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Chia Seed Pods

Ever wondered what Chia Seed Pods look like – here you go!  Each little pod contains around 3 little chia seeds

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Teff Flour

We now have stone ground teff flour available direct from Africa and also from the USA.  For our USA clients this is good news as we can now sell to them by the pallet load via our partner plant in the USA. Not only is this versatile product used in the traditional way for the […]

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Black Beans

The new harvest for Black beans is underway in Argentina with mixed results.  The harvest in Salta is being damaged because of rains and humidity, while the crop in Cordoba is good. Brazil has high demand due to their own weather issues which  has made prices firm. Organic product is limited, but also available for those […]

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