TradeLink International is a global supplier of specialist organic and conventional ingredients such as Kaniwa, Tapioca, gluten free flours, Chia, Quinoa, Teff and frozen fruit & vegetables.

At the core of TradeLink is over 30 years food handling experience including growing, processing, distribution, storage, importing and exporting. These experiences have entwined, forming the fibre of who we are today, positioning us as a solution driven team.  We’ve done it for ourselves, we can do it for you.

Organic Seeds & Grains

Quality USDA and CERES certified products.

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Gluten Free

Leaders in Certified Gluten Free Ingredients

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Specialists in a wide range of Quinoa Products from South America.

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News and quick updates

Chia Crop Argentina 2018

We were checking out the organic chia fields in Salta yesterday.   It is looking very good overall.  TradeLink puts immense importance on the traceability and processing procedures.  More info

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Cranberry Beans now available!

The cranberry bean are a medium to large tan or hazelnut-colored bean splashed or streaked with red, magenta or black. Shipping is starting in aproximately 2 weeks, don’t miss out! Contact us now to close off your contracts for deliveries during the year. As always, QA is our priority, every order is inspected and analysed […]

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Introducing the New White Teff!

Introducing the new Essential Grains Manja White teff, which has higher purity and greater whiteness than the standard Ivory Teff. While the Ivory and brown teff is great for Injera (the famous Ethiopian sourdough flatbread) the Essential Grains Manja white teff allows for more options in gluten free and other cooking where extra whiteness is desirable. […]

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Black Bean Crop Argentina 2018

Black beans crop coming on nicely in Argentina.  Harvest should be happening next month.  Nearly 350,000 h of beans sown this year in Argentina…..   More info

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2018 Season Chia

We haven’t been idle in these last few months here at TradeLink, its a busy time of year for us but we’re 100% focused on doing what we are best at and just love doing. Feet on the ground, dirty boots and that nice fresh farm air! Working on the 2018 supply of chia we […]

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Quinoa Flakes!

Just in case we’ve never told you, we have a great supply of Quinoa Flakes direct from origin! With quinoa now fully established as a vital part of healthy ingredients there’s always ways to improve your supply, and it’s a market in which a good quality, reliable and trustworthy supply means everything! Quinoa flakes are […]

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IQF Fruit and Vegetables Available Now!

TradeLink has over 20 years experience with frozen fruit and vegetables including shipping, storage, distribution and manufacturing. We have a large range that include Conventional, Organic Certified, Own Brand / Packaging on spec, Purees & Pulps. We can also offer own brand packaging! Don’t miss out on our complete range of IQF products direct from […]

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Organic White Rice Available!

Organic White Long Grain Rice from Vietnam normally carries a high premium because of its quality, but TradeLink have moved to help bring volume of scale to the market making it competitive with less favourable regions and prices. We have been working with this supply chain for over 10 years and have only recently finalised […]

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Recently Launched Brazil Nuts!

Brazil Nuts are native to South America and are found in the Amazon rain forest. Our suppliers (local cooperatives) collect Brazil Nuts within the Amazon region of Beni and Pando during the period known as harvest, which begins in the month of November of each year and lasts approximately 8 months. More info

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Opening of a new Australian office!

We are thrilled to announce the recent opening of an Australian office for sourcing and sales located in Melbourne! Harvey Steele is the manager on that side of the world, we are proud to integrate him in the team. Listen out for the different advances we plan to make here! Contact TLAustralia@tradelinksa.com

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Launching Wholegrain Freekeh!

Freekeh (pronounced “free-ka”) is a delicious cereal food made from green durum wheat harvested at its peak of taste and nutrition. Popular throughout the Middle East for centuries, Freekeh gets its name from the fire-roasting process that gives it its delightful nutty taste and satisfying crunch. Because the wheat is harvested while it`s still green, […]

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New Season Chia from South America

Check out these first chia plants coming out in the Galpón area south of Salta city, Argentina, taken last week. Looks like this year is going to be a decent crop, with more conventional than organic like usual. Furthur north the crop is a little slower, but still coming on good. Stay connected with us […]

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Launching Brazil nuts!

Brazil Nuts are native to South America and are found in the Amazon rain forest. Our suppliers (local cooperatives) collect Brazil Nuts within the Amazon region of Beni and Pando during the period known as harvest, which begins in the month of November of each year and lasts approximately 8 months. Brazil nuts are rich and […]

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