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Argentine Chia: Organic & Conventional   
Visit our updated info webpage on Chia which includes:
- Technical product photos
- Information on documentation & certifications
- Information on tariff codes and shipping
- Nutritional values (including label)
- Sample Certificate of Analysis
- Product Specifications
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South American Frozen Fruit

If you are looking to reduce risk by spreading your supply across other countries, South America should be in your sights right now as a serious supplier of frozen berries.   Read presentation online (or download PDF).


Argentine Chia Crop photos & update (July)

A heavy frost at the right time actually helps the chia harvest along, as the chia seeds are harvested once the plant has completed its life cycle and has dried up. A heavy frost can actually help...  read more

Red Quinoa - natural grain or popped

TradeLink International has secured good supply of red Quinoa - both as natural grain and popped.  There is very little difference between the white and red Quinoa except it's colour, which can make a Quinoa dish much more pleasing to the eye.  More Information

A focus on products


The new harvest of Teff from South Africa is now in and being shipped.  TradeLink is also working towards launching organic teff in 2017 .

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IQF Boysenberries

New Zealand is the world's largest producer of boysenberries, but like other successful New Zealand crops, they do very well here in South America as well.

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Organic IQF Blueberry

The blueberry bushes are in full bloom now showing signs of an excellent crop ahead of us. These high bush cultivated blueberries will be harvested for freezing...


Organic Raspberry harvest update (Bulgaria)

The season in Bulgaria for Raspberries is well underway now, with the Meeca variety harvest completed and work starting on the Heritage and Lulin varieties.  TradeLink has been stressing the importance of protecting the organic crops from spray contamination from conventional farms and...  read more (and view images)

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