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Puffed Ancient Grains

Puffed grains are popular additions to breakfast cereals, muesli bars, rice cakes, yoghurt toppings, baking and confectionary.

TradeLink sources their ancient grains direct from South America and use a South American, North American or European based factory to process the puffed grains, depending on the specification and quality certifications required by the customer. Read more...


Contracts you must close off this month

Now is the time to secure your supply for Blueberries (conventional) and Organic Raspberries. TradeLink is working with customers to create contracts that fit their needs and we welcome any new enquiries.

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Introducing Pre-tested batches of ancient grains

TradeLink is introducing pre-tested batches for some product lines meaning you can now see a full third party batch COA before you express interest, starting with Chia.  Read More...

Quinoa Flakes

Quinoa flakes are used in many different applications, including breakfast cereals, cereal bars, cookies and snacks. They are often compared with Oatmeal, although quinoas protein content is higher and of better quality.  Download specifications


A focus on products

IQF Organic Raspberry

TradeLink has secured supply of Organic raspberries from Serbia, and we are taking expressions of interest now for the limited supply available.

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Quinoa from Peru

Our conventional and organic Quinoa is shipped directly from South America and available in different formats, including flour, flakes, cooked and puffed.

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Being one of the smallest grains in the world, you only need one pound of seed to sow an entire acre. This also means that this grain is hard to clean and …

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Chia pricing update

There continues to be good opportunities for buyers of Black Chia right now, both organic and conventional, while the pricing for White Chia continues to defend its value since supply isn’t as abundant as the black.
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