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It's really about you.

mission-and-vision_2_lrWe wanted to create a company where you, the international buyer, could get supply of ancient grains and other specialty ingredients, both organic and conventional, as close to the farm as possible, but still have the assurance that your requirements and needs will be understood, even in a foreign land, and that both of us will be on the same page regarding product quality, certifications and traceability.

We also wanted to be more than just a supplier, we want to offer solutions, as complex as required, but as simple as possible, to help you with your product development and business goals.

Our company is based in Buenos Aires, and is run by a family of New Zealand expats with a long history in specialty food handling, including growing, importing, exporting, processing and distribution, in Argentina as well as New Zealand and the UK.

Our core strengths have always been the supply of specialty food products and the breadth of our experience helps us get the full picture of the supply chain and gives us a greater understanding of your challenges and needs.

We would appreciate it if you could review the products we focus on, presented in this website, and then share any needs, challenges or projects you feel we could support you in.

Where to go from here?

If you are looking for something standard:

Most of our product pages have a quick quote form you can use to get a quote from us based on your own product specifications.company_profile

Some products have pre-tested batches available for you to draw on immediately, these are shown in a box just below the product specifications, and include a scanned copy of the certificate of analysis for that batch (the actual batch you will be supplied)

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If you have special requirements or a project you would like to work with us on:

Use our contact form, or use email to get in touch with us to start a conversation about how our company and ours could work together for the benefit of us both.

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